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Sleep Treatment

sleep treatment
Sleep Treatment from Dr.Morawetz

"'Sleep Better Without Drugs' is a very successful behavioral
treatment program that has helped many people suffering from
insomnia, particularly those with longstanding insomnia for whom
sleeping tablets are generally less effective."

- Dr Murray Johns, Director, Sleep Disorders Unit,
Epworth Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

"Dr Morawetz, a respected Clinical Psychologist, has developed a
most practical self help program for insomnia sufferers in
collaboration with representatives of the medical profession. It
represents an uncomplicated, cost-effective yet invaluable self-
help strategy for our patients."

- Professor John Murtagh, Medical Editor, Australian Family Physician
(the journal of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, or
Family Physicians).

sleep treatment

"Dr Morawetz has developed this program over a decade, steadily
refining and improving it. It is simple, does not need drugs, and
is inexpensive and effective. It is recommended for all people
experiencing difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep."

- Dr Alex Wodak FRACP, Director, Alcohol and Drug Service ,
St Vincentís Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

"Iíve found the program very easy to use as a G.P. Iíve used it
with about 30 people. Its been brilliant. People have got massively
impressive improvement in onset, duration and quality of sleep."

- Dr Nicholas Cooling, General Practitioner (Family Physician),
Risdon Vale, Tasmania, Australia.

"Iíve used the program successfully with lots of my patients. A lot
of people whoíve been on benzodiazepines are now off them."

- Dr J.G. Wijeyesekera, General Practitioner (Family Physician),
Ballina, NSW, Australia.

"Iíve used the program with patients I donít want to prescribe
benzodiazepines for, or patients who donít want benzodiazepines. I can
think of half a dozen people whoíve come back perfectly happy that
they donít need any drugs. I can think of two who stopped using drugs.
And I canít think of anyone who did want drugs later."

- Dr Ian Grant, General Practitioner (Family Physician),
Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia.

"I just hand the program to people who have trouble sleeping. They
come back and say: 'that helped!'. I get very positive comments from
them. People are just amazed and delighted to discover that they can
actually stop worrying in bed."

- Anne Kotzman, Counselling Psychologist and Author,
Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

sleep treatment

"'Sleep Better Without Drugs' is an important program which will
be welcomed by professionals who deal with insomnia, and by the large
community of insomnia sufferers. It is a practical program which gets
to the heart of the problem, and it is suitable for self-administration."

- Emeritus Professor George Singer, La Trobe University,
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia.

"Iíve studied and examined Dr Morawetzís program and have found the
advice to be not only scientifically-based but straight-forward common
sense. Any such self-help program that allows the patient to choose the
solutions that work for them is not only bound to succeed because of
its user friendliness, it should be first order prescribing by all GPs,
Therapists and Counsellors faced with the common \ problem
of insomnia."

- Dr Ian Brighthope, President, Australian College of Nutritional and
Environmental Medicine and Author, You Can Sleep Soundly Every
Night Without Drugs

"My clients find the program is really easy to understand and follow.
There's a nice balance between having clear rules, and yet allowing for
individual differences. The sleep diary has been particularly useful, also
the Nine Rules for Better Sleep. In general, I've found it is a really
efficient and cost-effective treatment for people with sleep problems."

- ANNE WILLIAMS, Clinical Psychologist, Semaphore, S.A.
sleep treatment new research findings

"The results of this study indicate that the Australian self-help program
"Sleep Better Without Drugs" is a clinically effective and cost-effective
treatment for insomnia sufferers, with a success rate of 83%."

- DR JULIE ILER, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist,
Los Angeles, California, USA
"I fully endorse Dr Morawetz's behavioural treatment for insomnia and
sleeping problems. In my experience, it has consistently proved more effective
than medications in reducing insomnia for those with depression, anxiety and
chronic pain syndromes."

- DR SCOTT BLAIR-WEST, Consultant Psychiatrist, Austin Hospital,
Bethesda Hospital and University of Melbourne.
"I've used "Sleep Better Without Drugs" time and time again with clients.
Most of them are working class people who haven't got a lot of time, haven't had
much education, and were very sceptical at the start. I haven't come across a
single client who didn't get something really useful out of the program."

- LINDSAY GORE, Counselling Psychologist, Kilmore, Vic.

"I've used it with Vietnam Veterans, I've used it with people with acquired
brain injury, and also of course with normal people with sleeping problems.
It is definitely better than anything else I've used. In particular, I find that
people suffering from depression often feel less depressed once they learn
to sleep better."

-MIKE TYRRELL, Clinical Psychologist, Alice Springs, NT.

And Insomnia Sufferers...

"I don't ache with tireness any more. That has been just the greatest
gain ... It has certainly made me a more positive person because
my thinking's not clouded by fatigue any more."

- Wendy Redpath, 52, Sales Department Coordinator.

"It has worked. I've had some of the best sleep I've had for years."

Stephen Bryar, 40, Salvation Army Captain.

"I'm sleeping like a log. I'm just a new person. I would have paid
ten times the price to be able to sleep like this."

Pat Van Driel, 65, Bed and Breakfast Proprietor.

"I don't have that fear of going to bed any more. And I'm not
depressed any more."

Stephen Morley, 34, Computer Programmer.

"After six weeks my sleep was very good. It's definitely worth trying.
I think it's a very natural and normal way to get over
a sleeping problem."

Joan Davis, 56, Catering Supervisor.