RACGP editorial endorses "Sleep Better Without Drugs"

Dear Dr Morawetz,

We have placed an editorial entitled "Helping Patients to Sleep Better Without Drugs" in the next issue of our newsletter "Victorian GP". Please let me know if you would like a copy of the newsletter for your records.

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   Volume 1, Issue 4
      Victorian GP   July 2002
Helping Patients to Sleep Better Without Drugs

"Sleep Better Without Drugs" is an Australian self help program designed to help patients suffering from insomnia. It is a 4 to 6 weeks program that has been researched, developed and tested scientifically and clinically for the past 19 years. Most of the people who have used the program with success have suffered from long term chronic insomnia.

Three outcome studies found that the self-help program worked well, with the success rates being 80%, 83% (independent US study) and 87%.

The program first helps patients to diagnose their insomnia problem (including differential diagnosis to rule out physiological causes of sleep disturbance), and then gives patients more than 50 strategies they can use to help themselves to sleep better. These include learning to tune into the body's ultradian rhythm (or natural sleepiness cycle), elimination of sleeping medication, cognitive therapy ("20 ways to reduce thinking and worrying in bed"), sleep scheduling, stimulus control and sleep hygiene.

The program consists of a book and three audio cassettes. It is practical, user friendly, easy to understand, easy to use. It is recommended by medical experts from around Australia, and by the largest two health insurance funds in Australia: Medibank Private and MBF. More than 15 000 copies have been sold in Australia and in 32 countries around the world via the Internet.

Professor John Murtagh, former Medical Editor, Australian Family Physician, writes:

"Dr Morawetz, a respected Clinical Psychologist, has developed a most practical self-help program for insomnia sufferers in collaboration with representatives of the medical profession. It represents an uncomplicated, cost-effective, yet invaluable self-help strategy for our patients."

GPs can purchase "Sleep Better Without Drugs" to lend to their patients, or they can simply hand their patients a free brochure and suggest that patients purchase the program themselves. More information on the program, and free patient brochures, can be obtained by visiting www.sleepbetter.com.au or by phoning (Freecall) 1800 066 044.

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