Sleep Better

What Americans say
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"The results of this study indicate that the Australian self-help program
"Sleep Better Without Drugs" is a clinically effective and cost-effective
treatment for insomnia sufferers, with a success rate of 83%."

- DR JULIE ILER, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles, California, USA

"I recently used your Australian "Sleep Better Without Drugs" program,
and experienced extraordinarily positive results. I believe your program would
be very successful if it were to be made available in the USA."

- ARNOLD PERRY, Investment Banker, Los Angeles, California, USA

"Whenever I had an upcoming trial, I could not seem to turn off my mind when
I went to bed. Arguments and differing legal positions would run through my mind,
causing me to lose the sleep I so desperately needed. This program has given me
very specific tools to take an active role in calming my mind and allowing sleep
to come. Thank you!
P.S. I've passed the program on to my mom, also an attorney, and she has the
same praises!"

- NICOLE RAPP, Attorney, Malibu, California, USA

"Sleep Better Without Drugs" has worked a miracle in my life. I now have
peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Worry and anxiety have disappeared. People tell
me I look ten years younger. I am grateful beyond words - it is difficult to put
down on paper my emotional serenity. Thank you."

- DEBORAH A. JOHNSON, Self-Employed, Venice, California, USA

"I am so grateful for having had the chance to be one of the first people
in the USA to use "Sleep Better Without Drugs". I feared that I might eventually
have to give up my job because of the sleep problem. I found the sleep diary to
be enormously useful and quite revealing. The relaxation tape has been wonderful
in helping me to fall asleep, and to go back to sleep after waking. I have also
learned not to think and worry in bed. Please know that I am extremely grateful."

- SUSAN GRETHER, High School Teacher (Biology), Altadena, California, USA

"I had tremendous trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Finding out that
I can sleep without drugs is the best part. I feel this program is an amazingly
wonderful alternative to drugs."

- LYNN RODDEN, Counselor and Therapist, Hollywood, California, USA
What reviewers say
"Here is a new Australian non-drug treatment programme that really works
for people who have trouble sleeping. I have found the program immensely useful
in my practice."

- Australian Psychologist

"The practical, common-sense approach of "Sleep Better Without Drugs" makes
it well worth recommending."

- Journal of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

"Dr Morawetz seems to have thought about every possible type of sleeping
disorder and every possible objection a person might have to being able to carry
out one of his sleep strategies. His manner is frank, open, friendly, informative
and instills confidence."

- The Whole Person

"I would not hesitate to recommend it to patients and practitioners alike for
management of insomnia."

- Thoracic Society News


"Both the written and the spoken words are fine examples of clear, common
sense communication."

- Modern Medicine of Australia

"It is good to see the treatment strategies logically assembled in a manner
that is easy for a patient to follow."

- Medical Journal of Australia

"I recommend this most informative and practical kit to any rehabilitation

- Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling

"I believe it would be a valuable adjunct to any therapist's armory of
treatment strategies, offering a safe and effective non-drug treatment for
insomnia. It is user friendly and, in my experience, it works."

- Behaviour Change
What Austalians say
"I had to quit my job because I became so exhausted from lack of sleep.
Now thanks to "Sleep Better Without Drugs", I'm delighted to say that I'm
working again, which I didn't expect to be able to do ever again. I've
actually learned to switch off my mind at night!"

- ASHLEY THWAITES, Sales Representative, Frankston, Vic.

"For 18 years I took sleeping pills every night. I now take no sleeping
medication at all. I am delighted and so is my doctor!"

- TRUDY BELL, 77 y.o., Retired, Mt Gambier, S.A.

"I fell asleep while driving my car! That convinced me I needed to do
something about my sleep. I was very sceptical that the program would work.
I'm now sleeping so much better, my family have stopped asking me if I've
slept well, because they take it for granted that I have."

- SIRPA WEIGHTMAN, Bookkeeper, Altona Bay, Vic.

"I was trapped in that cycle of severe depression and lack of sleep.
It was like a horrendous torture. Thanks to "Sleep Better Without Drugs",
I've now broken the cycle, and I haven't felt depressed at all for two years. I
wish the medical profession would adopt your program instead of putting
people on never-ending sleeping medication."

- LOUISE HUNTER, Farmer, Bamawm (near Echuca), Vic.

"I have a weak bladder at my age - I'll be 100 years old in January - so I still
wake up during the night, but now I go back to sleep in 20 minutes instead of
staying awake for hours. That's a huge improvement. I'm going to pass on the
program to my son. He's 73 and retired now, and he could use it too."

- EDWARD SMOUT, 99 y.o., Sandgate, Qld.

"I just couldn't fall asleep, so I'd be up until 3 am or later playing the
guitar and video games. I'd then sleep in so late that I often couldn't go to
school. Now that I've learned to 'catch the wave of sleepiness', I fall asleep in
20 minutes, and I get 7-8 hours sleep a night. Most importantly, I can now get up
and go to school every day, which was my main aim in using the program."

- CHRIS NOACK, 17 y.o., Year 11 student, Banyule, Vic.
[Referred via Early Intervention Homelessness Project]

"I had a serious accident at work about two years ago, and I still suffer
from chronic pain. Your wonderful program saved my sanity, because it gave me
stepping stones to climb out of a downward spiral. I have passed on the details to
my friends, and several of them are using it now as well."

- COLETTE SVOBODA, Public Servant, Canberra, ACT

"Thank you very much - you've got me off my pills!"

- CHRIS WHITE, Nurse, Darwin, NT.

"I tried to kill myself a year ago by overdosing on my sleeping pills - that's
how despairing I was at not being able to sleep. Now, after using "Sleep Better
Without Drugs", I'm sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Just as important, for the first
time in 15 years, I'm not depressed. If you quote this letter, please just
call me..."

- "GOOD SLEEPER NOW", Teacher [Name and address supplied],
Fremantle, WA

"I'm a pensioner, so money is really important for me. Apart from sleeping
much better, the bonus is that I've actually saved money because I don't have
to buy all those sleeping pills any more."

- ROBERT JAMIESON, Retired, Elizabeth, S.A.

"My GP tried me on 10 lots of sleeping pills. Nothing helped. If you don't
sleep, you don't have a life. Thanks to "Sleep Better Without Drugs", I now
have my life back!"

- MARILYN FRASER, Company Director, Warrandyte, Vic.

"For years I woke up five times a night. Now I just go to bed and go to
sleep, and I wake up and it's morning. It only took 2-3 weeks to work. It has
even helped me reduce my anxiety. Thank you so much."

- SUE DIDONATO, Waitress, Bayswater, Vic.

"It's terrific that "Sleep Better Without Drugs" is a self-help program.
I found the parts of the program that were relevant to my own particular
circumstances, and my sleep is now greatly improved. Thank you."

- DEIRDRE WARDROP, Financial Adviser, Blackburn, Vic.

"My sleep problem started 18 years ago when I was doing shiftwork in nursing.
Then I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and I still have it. To go
to bed and know that you are actually going to sleep is just unbelievable, a
wonderful feeling. Thank you so much for your help."

- ANN SMITH, Social Worker, Ashwood, Vic.

"After 22 years of taking sleeping tablets every night, I've had none at all
for the last five weeks. I didn't know if I could do it, but I have. I'm really
proud of myself!"

- VAL SPEED, Retired (previously Legal Secretary), Ormond, Vic.

"I went to the chemist to get a script filled for sleeping pills, and the
pharmacist said: 'why don't you try this instead?' I thought: 'Oh, no, just
some New Age subliminal stuff.' To my surprise, after one day on your program
I felt an immediate benefit - I had my first full night's sleep since my father died.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if our politicians could have the foresight, wisdom
and courage to give a free copy of "Sleep Better Without Drugs" to every family
in the country, or at least to every doctor, including psychiatrists."

- MARY GARDEN, Author and Mother of Two Teenaged
Children, Maleny, Qld

"I have had trouble sleeping ever since some traumatic events 25 years ago.
I also suffered and was treated for depression. Now that my sleep has improved
greatly, I am no longer depressed. I now realise that my depression was just a
symptom of my sleeplessness."

- MARION DAVIS, Service Coordinator to Aged and Disabled
People, Ulladulla, NSW

"My sleep problem began in childhood, when I slept with one ear open because
of an alcoholic and violent father. I only wish I had heard about "Sleep Better
Without Drugs" long ago. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and may God bless
you and your work."

- CATHERINE TREVASKIS, Church Organist & Voluntary Worker, Mackay, Qld.

"I have a severe head injury after a motorbike accident three years ago, with
right side blindness, right side paralysis/spasticity, and damage to my memory,
comprehension and thinking. Before using the program I took two hours to fall
asleep, woke several times each night, and slept a total of four hours a night.
I now fall asleep in 5-10 minutes, stay asleep, and sleep 7-8 hours a night. Even
better, I haven't even looked at a Mogadon since I started the program, much less
taken one. In spite of my severe head injuries I found "Sleep Better Without Drugs"
easy to understand and use. Thank you!!!"

- MATHEW POLE, 23 y.o., Pensioner, Collingwood, Vic.
[referred via Transport Accident Commission]

"My son has been quadriplegic since a tragic accident 11 years ago. He is on
a ventilator here at home, 24 hours a day. I also have three other children,
and I work as well, so I need to have high energy levels to cope with all of that.
Since using "Sleep Better Without Drugs", I've taken only one sleeping pill in the
last six weeks, which is fabulous, and my energy levels are now so much better.
Thank you!"

- ANNIE CANTWELL-BARTL, Psychologist, Kensington, Vic.